Fire tales

Dang the Thomas fire was pretty crazy here at the Alojai shop.   We ended up evacuating, then coming back the next day, then leaving again when the fire got close to us.    Firefighters formed a perimeter around our area and let the fire burn around us.   The mountain roared like a fleet of airplanes as it burned…unbelievably loud.    In end all of the houses in our area survived, but the shop was closed until the air quality improved and the ash was cleaned up (which took a while!).    We know many folks that lost everything and our hearts go out to them.   Lots of random events of compassion in the last few months here and our community is stronger and closer now.   Here is the area behind our neighborhood a few days after the fire. Gridley Trail The town is pretty much back to normal now.   Lots of traffic on main street again…visitors are returning so that is good for the local shops.    Beacon is packed.   Rainbow is expanding.   Food Harmonics is better than ever.   Pixies are ripe and the smell of Neroli is in the air.    Even the scorched hills are turning green with our latest rain. We are taking the time now to re-tool the shop and get some new projects underway.   I am learning CAD/CAM and some basic 3D design programs in preparation for our new CNC machine.    Mrs. Alojai is back in school now but helps out whenever she can.    Stay tuned for some rad new projects to be revealed next month! Cheers! Dave & the Alojai Team

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